No one can bake apple cake better than Emily.

Please let go of my arm. You're hurting me.

She accepted his gift.

I helped Miki clean his room.

His crime deserves the death penalty.


I'm trying to find her.


Brokers struggling to make a profit don't always play by the book.

There were many children in the square.

I thought I'd find you here.

Did he ask you about me?

Both of the parents did try hard in search of their daughter.

He is a good correspondent.

The singer has a very low voice.


It takes a wise man to discover a wise man.

Has Dominic already eaten?

You took an airplane from Paris to New York.

You don't even know them.

I got an A in French.


Do you think this is a good place to pitch the tent?

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He will hire someone who speaks English.

Frankly, I find that hard to believe.

It was careless of you to leave your bag.

I can't eat or drink very hot things.

I thought you had learned that by now.

He is eighteen months old.

We've got to get you a better office.

You still don't know what he's going to say.

You're going to turn a lot of heads with that dress.

Maybe that's exactly what Kit wants.

Father advanced me a week's allowance.

Sylvan is my son's friend.

I knew Mohammad personally.

You're ill, aren't you?

I can pay part of my bill now.


I saw no other choice.

Henry won't be home for another 20 minutes.

We've got more than enough food.


You'll soon get accustomed to this cold weather.

I am counting on you to deliver the opening address.

What've you done to Lowell?

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Valerie couldn't help blushing.

Glaciers around the world are melting.

Life has become very hard.

The other day you said you lost your umbrella. Did you ever find it?

Can I have a word with you alone?

I'll get her to drive you home.

Straka and Alvin made amends with each other.

There was some monkey business going on when they were negotiating that last contract; money passed under the table.

The doctor who did the surgery is now talking with Margot's family.

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Jin crashed into a tree.

The collection of taxes is well organized.

Sanjeev didn't have anything to say.

Stuart sang Celeste's favorite song.

Are you a member of this crew?

I asked them to stop.

I want to give you a hug.


She spends a majority of her time taking care of her children.


Limit the consumption of white sugar and salt.

It's when you teach foreigners Chinese that you realize just how flawed your own Chinese is.

It is rare to find a Nepali translator.


May I use the bathroom?

My children like to play on the swings in the park near my house.

Huey isn't going to let you go there.

We went to the party and had a pleasant time.

They look horrified.

It's started raining.

The children were enthralled by the fairy tale.

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A moment's doubt can cost a pilot his life.

The blood alcohol limit for drunken driving is .08 percent in Texas.

I count on them.

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That sum of money won't make or mar us.

I can never tell when Harmon is upset.

At any rate, I hope you can come.


Ramesh has a growth on his arm.

Jean-Christophe is going to pay me back what he owes me on Monday.

Randal and I worked together in Boston.

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One of the aircraft's engines cut out.

I don't know what it was.

Some people behave as if the sentences they create are the most precious things they have.

His hobby is going fishing on Sundays.

I hate my computer.

Come out with your hands up.

What's happened to Ramesh and Loukas?

Sure I can, although I can't really speak Shanghainese.

Delete the comment, please.

Everyone fell asleep.

I'm sorry for the pain I caused you and your family.

How many people are in the house?

I never liked him anyway.

He often lets me use his typewriter.

Juergen wasn't convinced it was a good idea.


I live nearby.

Pria has been most than generous.

I can attest to everything she just said.

Fathers aren't the problem.

I can't take your money.

I'll try to reach them.

It's your turn to deal.

Don't point your gun at me.

Carolyn tried to figure out the answer by himself.

Maybe it was them.

We've got a little announcement to make.

He was apt to boast of his knowledge.

He will bring Denis.

Hartmann must've gone this way.

If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.

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She was almost hit by a car.

He taught me how to swim.

As a boy, I used to go fishing.

I nearly wet myself when I saw the scene with them.

According to the radio, it will rain tomorrow.

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The New Tokyo International Airport was opened in Narita.

I hope I'm not the only one who'll be there.

With those words he brought the meeting to an end.


I want to talk with my lawyer.

I knew you wouldn't abandon me.

His lecture had a large audience.

If it's me you're talking to, it would be better if you changed the subject.

You're behaving oddly.

Send us your ideas.

No two rivers in the world are completely the same.

Nicholas is based in Boston.

I have a headache today.

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He said Bill Clinton would raise taxes.

Most Germans can speak English.

I have a package here for her.


My mom went collecting toe-biters.

Does anyone here know Surya Jackson?

If someone criticizes you, it's because you have something which he will never have.


This is one of the best restaurants in Boston.

He has something to do with the case.

I'm sad.

When I moved to Boston, I was still in my thirties.

Things change very slowly here.

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Kiddo! Two medium-size drafts here.

Duke is very capable.

Children have everything, except what we take away from them.

We decided to give it a go.

Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, or thirty-one days make a month.

Maybe I should go talk to her.

I really want to see Kumiko.

The rain turned into snow.

Darrell knew I was busy.


Please help me.

Does your friend speak Esperanto?

What'll happen to them now?

Send her in.

I'm feeling a bit stiff.

While there is a plurality of Tatoeba sentences in English, it is encouraging that Esperanto, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, French and Spanish already have respectable numbers of sentences as well.

I'll take them to dinner.

Dan had a rocky relationship with Linda.

These meetings are carried on entirely in English.

If I don't fail, then I can get my driving license this year.

There are so many stars in the sky, I can't count them all.

Dannie said he wouldn't shoot an unarmed man.

I'm calling her, but she's not coming.

Kim is a cook.

The pizza was fantastic.


Do you know good from evil?


The problem is far from easy.

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I'm confused.

Has something fun happened lately?

He entered the room, to be confronted by a policeman.


It is my burning ambition to make you prosperous.

You've cleaned your feet.

Clay was very angry at Nanda.

I was warned.

The cows are fed antibiotics and hormones.

I'm doing this so it won't happen again.

Lots of leftovers remained inside.