Why is Robin selling his house?

Around two-thirds of our body is made up of water.


Tell him to leave.

Let's give up.

He knows this.

I believe nobody. I don't believe myself. I'm a hopeless man.

Many of the soldiers kissed their spouses goodbye.

I find that to be a relative concept.

They're clearly not happy that they got stuck with that job.

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The taxi driver refused to take us to that part of town.

I can't tell her now. It's not that simple anymore.

Sugih has been in and out of mental hospitals most of his life.


The town is supplied with water from the river.


Gideon had no idea who you were.

I'm dining out this evening.

Edith has no choice but to do what Graeme asks.


Their apples aren't as tasty as ours.


The octopus exits only to look for food and for reproductive purposes.

I think that this Chinese guy is a Muslim. He's listening to the Quran.

I don't understand people who eat breakfast for dinner.

Could you suggest an alternative date?

They expected to win.


We're not the same.

What Amedeo said didn't make any sense.

I'm retiring.


What is she up to?

Go out and look at the blue skies.

Do you know that man?


I came to fix you a decent meal.


Radek is available.

She makes nothing of getting up early.

What've you been doing all morning?

He boasts of his education.

Inspector Micah Jackson questioned Perry for hours.

Roxanne isn't doing a very good job.

I tried everything.


Mariou is going to have to do it by himself.

I told her that.

I should be making lunch.

I just met a sexy MILF.

They were a beautiful family.

Stop fighting, you rascals! These battles between boys rarely end well. Trouble is sure to come to you!

Kristin pressed the correct button.

I have to admit that I never thought of that.

I'm an old man.


Where did the Olympic Games originate?

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I'm starting to feel better.


It has been established that poverty and unemployment, with their attendant misery and despair, are the chief sources of crime. Is there any law to prevent poverty and unemployment?

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Don't expect it to happen overnight.


Jeremy betrayed Kristian's trust.

I'll get Sigurd to drive you home.

Wade never forgot.

I want to buy a dozen doughnuts.

I'm free for breakfast tomorrow.

Brodie hasn't heard from Toufic in a long time.

She dropped me off at my apartment.

If it is worth doing, do it well.

Hold the eggs tight or you'll break them.

You look incredible.

It will cost me a lot to furnish my new apartment.


The stone started ripples in the pond.

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We don't have any ice cream.

This means that others can only come to know you and like you by listening to what you say.

If you really want to get to know a place you have to go off the beaten track.

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I borrowed her hairbrush.

He's friendly with everyone in his class.

You should've seen the movie last night.

Let's approach this problem from a different aspect.

No one had to wait.

I sent it to you two days ago.

I keep your interests at heart all the time.


He started that.

Do you have a daughter?

No one received enough votes to win the nomination.

I'm going to go and lie down.

Job's tears can cure a large number of diseases.

The situation became very dire.

Barton is the one who's been doing most of the work around here.


Fatalities are extremely rare.

I've been there two weeks ago because of the despair.

Rafael has been taken to a nearby hospital.


We are eating breakfast indoors.

We're at home today.

Barney was having a great time.

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Surprisingly he is a very good boy.

I wish now I'd given Antonio a chance.

Then she drew her golden comb gently through Elsa's hair, and bade her go to bed.

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My wife has no libido since she got pregnant. What can I do?


What's that have to do with me?

She has a black puppy.

Would you please stop following me?


The fact is apparent to everybody.

Now, I have some work to do.

My father's car is very nice.

Whom we love best to them we can say least.

I'm going to bed early tonight.


Christmas is my favorite holiday.

I'm going to see you later.

Don't always take Rex's side!


The moral of the story is that you can't trust the system.


I am swimming in the lake.

Which is stronger, a tiger or a lion?

What do your children usually eat for breakfast?

I'll be sure to tell Pravin.

He's quite active for his age.

I can understand Knut's annoyance.

You matter.

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Tao is connected with that company.

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He no longer has a sore elbow.

No one has been murdered.

I must admit that I snore.

Herve writes me once a week.

The government of the United States put down the biggest terrorist.

My plane had already taken off.

There is no situation that is without hope.

"I believe that the code for Lebanon is 961," the shopkeeper said.

She does Mickey Mouse very well.

In a sense, you are wrong.

Suzanne is too old to do that.


You and your spouse should spend time together.


My name is on the door.

I have a girlfriend back home.

It was so dark that they could hardly see.

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He was re-elected six years later.

Ramanan is considered very reliable.

I don't need any bit of your charity.


My cat ignores me, except when she's hungry.


Hazel pretended he wasn't there.

I need a little more time to prepare.

I bet Keith forgot.


That's how we do things.

We eat here.

He does everything at the last moment.


It's time for you to wake up.

I bet Uncle Alfred'll come back.

I'll try to be more like Terrence.

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Norm asked me to do him a favor. However, I couldn't do what he asked.

Rich was afraid that the typhoon would damage his house.

I don't want to hear about all your ex-boyfriends.

It is damp and cold today, isn't it?

She is in Mallorca and sunbathes by the sea.

Many Americans are uncomfortable with silence, and they tend to regard silence in a conversation as a signal that they need to start talking.

His main interest is in history.

His life is in my hands.

Anne might be here on Monday.

Damone had heart problems.

They make frequent trips to Europe.


We surrendered.

I'd better drive you home.

Admission to the show is by ticket only.

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I was amazed.

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Do you know why Jan wouldn't go to Boston with me?


Honest men and knaves may possibly wear the same cloth.

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You have very little time left.

I was off work for three weeks.

I'm going to tell you something about Mott that you might not know.